Indoor thermostat and large room floor heating installation precautions

Issuing time:2019-01-22 00:00

The basic principle of the indoor thermostat: the control line inside the thermostat is connected to the water dividing tank to control the flow of water in the coil. Each thermostat has a temperature probe that can be set by the thermostat.

The indoor thermostat is also required to choose the installation location. First, try not to be close to the big window, preferably at a point that can represent the average temperature of the room. Usually it is side by side with the switch, we will choose a place far from the door, so that the temperature it perceives is relatively average.

Larger space When installing the coil, the ground must be provided with expansion joints. According to national regulations, the length of either side of the room exceeds 6 meters, or the area of the area exceeds 30 squares. We all require shrinkage joints. Because the coil is installed, it will be backfilled with cement, river sand, stone and other materials to form a heat storage layer, and this layer will expand and contract with the temperature of the water in the coil, so it is necessary to leave the shrink seam, otherwise it will The decorative layer (floor) of the ground will be damaged and cracked.

The installation of the expansion joints is also very particular. Generally, the long side of the vertical room is installed. Secondly, the coils should not pass through the expansion joints. If it is necessary to pass the hoses, it is necessary to avoid the installation in the later stage. In use, the thermal insulation layer is damaged by the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor.

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