Thermostat future development plan

Issuing time:2019-01-22 00:00

Nowadays, intelligentization is becoming more and more popular, and the temperature controller is also becoming intelligent and precise. Thermostats are currently the front-end technology products of information technology, and they are increasingly used in various fields such as production, life and scientific research. So in what direction should the development of the thermostat be in the future?

First, improve temperature measurement accuracy and resolution. Since the 1990s, thermostats have begun to take the road of high-end intelligence. The previous intelligent thermostats used 8-bit converters. The accuracy of measuring temperature is not high, and the resolution is not satisfactory. Nowadays, many western countries have begun to introduce many thermostats with higher resolution and higher precision. Slowly, China has also begun to innovate and develop intelligent thermostats. Zigbee intelligent temperature controller

Then, it is to improve reliability and security. The original thermostat is somewhat rough in various productions, lacking in technical innovation, and the machine is noisy. Now, the new thermostats use high-end converters and digital information feedback. The temperature controller has strong anti-interference ability, low cost operation, high resolution, high reliability and safety, and is a major direction for the development of new intelligent thermostats. Air conditioning control panel

Finally, the detection function has been added. Test functions are increasingly becoming an indispensable aspect of new thermostats. Some smart thermostats also add a calendar clock function to make the machine more functional; some machines also have a humanized storage function that can store user's simple information. More thermostats are being developed from one-way channels to multiple channels.

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